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Bauer Gear Motor is a globally recognized gear motor company. Bauer Gear Motors see themselves as an integral part of our customers’ value chain. Together with our customers, they are working to increase productivity.

Bauer gear motors have been used for more than 85 years and are the driving force in drive technology.

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Bauer AsepticDrive

The Bauer AsepticDrive is a combination of an asynchronous motor with a smooth surface (without cooling ribs and fan) and a gearbox from the renowned Bauer 2000 range.


Bauer Aseptic Drive

Product range
Power rating 0,37 -2,2 kW

Combines with:
BG Helical gears
BF Shaft mount gears
BK Bevel gears

Main features

  • Easy-to-clean design allowing cleaning agents to drain off completely
  • Dirt traps are avoided
  • Re-infection avoided around the motor because the fan-free design means no air turbulence occurs
  • High degree of protection (IP 67 and IP69K) as standard, with Aseptic acid and alkali resistant paint (pH2 - pH12).
  • Motor windings equipped as standard with thermistors and class F insulation.
  • Suitable for frequency inverter duty.
  • CCC certified
  • Options
  • Paint finish according to RAL tables
  • Pre-fabricated 6 wire cable, 3m long

24 hr Geared Motor Supply

Emergency shipment in less than 24 hours is available for most standard units.

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Application Criteria

Special requirements regarding hygiene and cleaning are necessary in the production areas of the food and beverage industry. This is due to the sensitivity of the products and their perishable nature. For this reason, most equipment and production machines are made of stainless steel, permitting thorough cleaning once production has ended. Stainless steel also allows the use of acid or alkali-based cleaning agents which, in combination with disinfectants, ensure that all relevant germs and bacteria are destroyed.

With gear motors, which are generally mounted directly onto the machines, it has not been possible to fulfil these requirements in the past. The reasons for this are the design of the housing structures, the ribs of the motors and the fans used for cooling causing dirt to gather in areas which are almost impossible to reach or where the cleaning solutions cannot drain off causing so called “dirt traps”.

The new Bauer 2000 series of gear motors succeeds in meeting these requirements, at least with regard to the housing, as their basic structure is already as smooth and bevelled as possible. This makes cleaning easy and allows liquid residues to drain off completely.

Conventional motors fitted with cooling ribs can only be partially cleaned, if at all. Today, on many production lines it is common to see cooling ribs completely clogged with belt lubricants or product residues, especially in parts which offer no direct access. The same problem - but probably worse - can often be observed beneath the fan cowl, as there is generally no possibility of cleaning there without removing the cowl completely.