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Bauer Gear Motor is a globally recognized gear motor company. Bauer Gear Motors see themselves as an integral part of our customers’ value chain. Together with our customers, they are working to increase productivity.

Bauer gear motors have been used for more than 85 years and are the driving force in drive technology.

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PM Synchronous Geared Motors for Explosion Hazardous Areas

The S series of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) from Bauer Gear Motor GmbH now offers variable-speed motors in efficiency class IE4 for use in explosion hazardous areas. This is the highest energy efficiency that can be achieved with the current state of motor technology.

IE4 Hazardous PM Synchronous Geared Motors<img src="images/Motoren_20110502_0072_INTERNET_EX.gif" alt="IE4 Hazardous PM Synchronous Geared Motors" width="280" height="190" />

Product Range
Power 0,75 ... 15 kW.

combined with:
BG-Helical Gearboxes
BF-Parallel Shaft Gearboxes
BK-Bevel Gearboxes
BS-Worm Gearboxes

Main features

  • Protection type: Increased Safety – Zone 1
    II 2 G Ex e IIC T1 - T3 Gb
  • Dust explosion protection – Zone 21
    II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T 160°C ... 120° Db
  • Up to 39% more energy savings compared to IE2
  • Short amortisation period
  • Small installation space
  • Compact drive unit
  • More torque with same motor frame size
  • Requires smaller installation space with same power
  • Reduced number of variants thanks to higher efficiency over the entire speed range
  • Design security thanks to reserves in drive unit capacity
  • Technology leader
  • Already meets the efficiency requirements of future standards
  • Completely enclosed, sealed against dust and water spray
  • Lubrication change first after 15000 hrs
  • Low noise gearing
  • Enclosure IP65 (Standard), IP66 (Optional)
  • Connection Standard with CAGE CLAMP®
  • CE-Mark
  • ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001
  • Motors according to EN 60034
  • Corrosion protection

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... about energy saving here.

24 hr Geared Motor Supply

Emergency shipment in less than 24 hours is available for most standard units.



Features and Benefits

Total flexibility in mounting options allow unparalleled integration possibilities.

High level of parts interchangeability for all gear motor components benefits the customer with increased options, reduced costs, faster deliveries, and a faster maintenance “learning curve”.

Generously dimensioned ball or roller bearings, case hardened forged and ground gears, and internally and externally reinforced gearboxes ensure a long, low maintenance service life.

A hardened wear sleeve and spray ring at the rotor seal allow for reduced sump capacity, reliable lubrication and many years of leak free performance.

Quiet running and high efficiency are trademarks of all Bauer geared motors.

A minimum level of maintenance is a prime feature of the Bauer Gear Motor program. Change of lubricant is normally required only after 15,000 operating hours.

Superior protection of IP65 acc. to IEC 529 assures you that the all geared motors are dust tight and hose proof, and can be used outdoors or in wet and dusty environments without the use of additional enclosures. Full rated output is available at the output shaft of the unit.