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Bauer Gear Motor is a globally recognized gear motor company. Bauer Gear Motors see themselves as an integral part of our customers’ value chain. Together with our customers, they are working to increase productivity.

Bauer gear motors have been used for more than 85 years and are the driving force in drive technology.

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Bauer C-Adapter Motor Connection

The Bauer C-Adapter motor connection is a cost effective and space optimised adaption for standard IEC and NEMA motors.


Bauer Gear Motor - C-Adapter Motor Connection

Features and benefits

Product range
Torque rating up to 18.500Nm

Combines with:
BG Helical gears
BF Shaft mount gears
BK Bevel gears

Main features

  • installation space optimised
  • adaptation of IEC standard motors
  • adaptation of NEMA standard motors
  • free backlash torque transmission between motor and gear unit
  • simple assembly and disassembly of the motors
  • protection enclosure IP54 and IP65 according to ATEX
  • standard maintenance free coupling

24 hr Geared Motor Supply

Emergency shipment in less than 24 hours is available for most standard units.

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Features and benefits

Bauer supplies modern drive solutions for all industry sectors where material must be moved.

Through their robustness, compact and efficient design the gear units from Bauer stand for long lifetime and powerful duty under hard working conditions.

The simple and cost effective installation, the minor service necessity and the high efficiency reduce costs throughout the whole life of the drive.

Robust, compact and efficient
The Bauer C-ADAPTOR units provide a long service lifetime and dependable performance even in the most challenging working environments.

The simple, cost effective installation, minimal maintenance requirements and the high efficiency reduce costs throughout the whole life of the drive.

The C-adapter provides a cost effective, low backlash and installation space optimized adaptation of standard IEC and NEMA motors. All with the legendary Bauer quality.