Radio remote controls for industrial cranes, lifting machinery, logistics and construction



Solutions for Hydraulic and Mobile Machinery

The DYNAMIC joystick transmitting units have been designed for mobile hydraulic applications and offer analog and digital commands. The Data Feedback function is also available and information is shown on a graphic display (1.54'', 2.7'' monochrome version or 2.8’’and 4.3'' color displays with programmability by CODESYS development environment). The systems are highly customisable, thus enabling function extension up to 12 proportional and 64 digital commands for the most complex applications.

Technology allows uninterrupted communication between receiver and transmitter even in challenging environments. This bi-directional communication is also optimized for a fast data link to receive feedback from the unit, such as alarms, load weight, distances and other measures. Commands can be programmed so as to obtain working logic functions that meet customers' specific needs.


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