A monorail crane is a type of lifting device that acts as an option to conventional cranes or conveyors. ... A monorail crane makes it less complicated to raise items up onto shelves for storage space, or to transport them from one part of a room to an additional for more setting up as well as manufacturing.

The monorail hoist and trolley run on a single stationary beam—a cost-effective alternative to bridge or gantry cranes for applications that require limited lifting capacity. Monorails also serve as a material handling alternative in places that cannot accommodate a bridge crane.

Monorail beams are single girder crane systems that are mounted underneath a structure in order to transfer a load, with or without an overhead support structure. Beam lengths: up to 100 m. Also available with curves.

Our Latest accomplishments : Monorail on Curved tracks
High Quality custom design Monorail Curve Type Track, hoist Chain


Explosion Proof

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Over Head Crane

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Turbine Building Crane

140T Turbine Overhead Crane supplied to DEWA with Air Conditioned..Read More

Gantry Crane

10T & 20T Gantry Crane installed for mantainence purposes. Read More

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