Cabling systems are the decisive basis for reliable operational processes – whether in mechanical engineering, automation technology, telecommunications or the chemical industry; whether in tank installations, in the audio, video and broadcasting sector or in security technology. Pre-assembled and ready-to-connect cable solutions from TKD | CCG help you to complete projects much more quickly and cost-effectively. With our innovative solution concepts divided into 4 areas STANDARD, INDIVIDUAL, SERVICES and ADVANCED you are also optimally positioned for all challenges.

Standardize ordering processes
Minimize administrative effort

In the past, cable assemblies and ready-to-connect cable systems were purchased exclusively from local cable assemblers. Today, they can also be ordered directly from the cable manufacturer. This not only significantly reduces the procurement time. Since instead of many different article numbers only one has to be managed for the complete assembly, the administration effort is also reduced to a minimum. Blanket orders additionally guarantee plannable just-in-time deliveries without risk. Your employees are thus significantly relieved and can devote themselves to their core tasks.

Eliminate costly warehousing
Reduce acquisition costs

If cabling solutions are purchased from different suppliers, high acquisition and operating costs arise due to different pricing models and additional administrative work. Due to the central purchase of ready-to-connect cables and lines directly from the manufacturer, cabling solutions can be purchased at significantly lower prices. The streamlining of the ordering process ensures better time management and enables more effective planning – even for large projects. Since the time-consuming and expensive storage of numerous small parts is also eliminated, running costs are also significantly reduced.


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