The patented oval girder design of the KÜHNEZUG cranes allows a high load carrying capacity with optimum dead weight.
The unique design of our cranes allows your company to take advantage of low installation dimensions and hook approaches.
Your economic benefit is based on savings in building construction and operation expenses. The default use of modern frequency inverters
and wheels made of special high-strength polymer allow for smooth, stepless and accurate positioning of the cranes and the goods to be conveyed.

We realize innovative solutions in a modular and flexible design with our well proven modular system. This system will allow you to remain flexible in the future as well. It is important for us to understand your processes and tasks. Once we understand your processes and tasks, we can use our extensive past project experience to set up the ideal crane system for your company.

Our crane systems at a glance

Overhead cranes (bridge cranes)

Overhead cranes span the work area as required in single or double girder design as a bridge. These cranes are used for overhead transport on a runway at the desired height for indoor and outdoor operations. With the OVAL section KÜHNEZUG achieves spans of up to 50 meters with low dead weight. Depending on the load, spans of up to 50 meters can be realised with just one girder due to the OVAL girder design. For heavy loads or extreme applications, we recommend a double girder crane.

Single girder EOT cranes

Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes span the work area similarly to overhead cranes, but are permanently mounted to the main beam pillars. They can therefore be used outside, independently of a construction hall. Unlike gantry cranes, semi-gantry cranes have pillars only on one side. They are often attached to the outside of a building. KÜHNEZUG achieves spans up to 50 meters with low dead weight due to the OVAL girder design.

Single girder GANTRY cranes | Double girder GANTRY cranes

Pillar jib cranes

Pillar jib cranes are mounted stationary and, depending on the slewing range, have a cylinder-shaped work area. This type of crane is used inside and outside. KÜHNEZUG manufactures pillar jib cranes with load capacities of up to 63 tons or jibs up to 20 m in OVAL girder design.

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Automatic cranes

Automation of a crane system allows the transportation of goods without the necessity of a crane operator. It is used when processes need to be continuous with high precision or repetitive sequences in isolated areas. Almost every KÜHNEZUG crane system can be equipped with an automatic control

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Explosion-proof cranes

Explosion-proof crane systems are used in environments where flammable gases or dusts occur frequently. Potentially explosive environments are found for example in paint shops, refineries, and in the production of biogas or biodiesel. Our crane systems and crane systems and crane components are available with protection means with load capacities of up to 250 tons.

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Explosion Proof

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Turbine Building Crane

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Gantry Crane

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