Mordernization & Re-Engineering

KÜHNEZUG is a Hanseatic family company headquartered in Hamburg. For 50 years, we have planned, developed, and built custom crane systems and crane components for our customers in Germany and abroad. The focus of our team is on our customers, our suppliers and the highest possible quality for our products. With us, you will find people whose customer-oriented thinking, personal approach, sustainability, short decision paths and eagerness to innovate are their highest professional goals. Our independence from enterprise groups and investors makes it possible for us as a company to live these virtues. Contact us so that we can work with you to configure and implement the best lifting equipment solution for you.

Mordernization & Re-Engineering

Modernization service improves the safety and reliability of your equipment. Updating controls, drives, motors, or operator cabs with the latest technology increases the safety, reliability, and performance of your equipment while lowering overall operating costs.

Modernizations are tailored upgrades or modifications designed to extend the service life of your overhead crane and meet current regulatory, maintenance and production requirements. Typical modernizations include upgrading open winch trolleys, electrical and automation systems or modifying structures such as girders, lifting beams and runways. Smart Features such as Sway Control, Target Positioning and Protected Areas can deliver further improvements in safety and productivity.

Why Modernization instant of replace

Modernizing your structurally sound equipment is a cost-savvy way to extend the life of your equipment with the latest technological upgrades. A good modernization program allows you to:

  • Meet increased demand on equipment usage
  • Reduce maintenance and operating expenses over the life of the equipment
  • Bring equipment up to modern safety and comfort standards
  • Increase load control and speed
  • Automate or semi-automate material handling controls to increase efficiency
  • Improve reliability due to reduced production downtime

Components of modernization program may include, but are not limited to:

  • Specialized design analysis for re-rating equipment
  • Detailed engineering or customized packages that are compatible with the original design specifications
  • Replacement/re-manufacturing of electrical and mechanical components
  • Automated controls
  • Anti sway and load positioning
  • Load cells and digital read out
  • On-site services including installation, commissioning, and training plans
  • Original equipment parts and re-engineered parts
  • Post-sales customer service and support

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