KÜHNEZUG is your competent partner.

Companies from all over the world from different sectors count on our reliable products. With us, you have a reliable, competent and internationally active partner.

Our advertisement are our customers. Convince yourself and have a look at our references. We chose larger and minor as well as recent and past projects to give you a good insight into our work.



  • Tunneling (50t)
  • SKF (140t)
  • Salt Plant (15t)
  • Grab Cranes (25t)
  • Skyscraper construction (2,5t)
  • Transformer Maintenance (60t)
  • Coil handling (40t)
  • Submarines (120t)
  • Dockside Crane (125t)
  • Patented Gantry Crane (12t)
  • Bio mass power plant (25t)
  • Rotor blades (10t)
  • Special rail vehicles (5t)
  • Shipyard (32t)
  • Gearboxes (25t)
  • Machine construction (150t)
  • Steel mill (40t)
  • Power plant (120t)
  • Steel mill II (100t)
  • Hydraulics (5t)
  • Machine construction (10t)
  • Incinerator (13t)
  • Hydropower plant (125t)
  • Hamburg airport (3t)
  • Plant construction (10t)
  • Finished concrete parts (25t)


Explosion Proof

Supply of numerous Explosion Proof Crane ( Single Girder Overhead Crane ).. Read More

Over Head Crane

Supply of Overhead crane for Desalinization Plant Crane .. Read More

Turbine Building Crane

140T Turbine Overhead Crane supplied to DEWA with Air Conditioned..Read More

Gantry Crane

10T & 20T Gantry Crane installed for mantainence purposes. Read More

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