KÜHNEZUG is your competent partner.

Companies from all over the world from different sectors count on our reliable products. With us, you have a reliable, competent and internationally active partner.

Our advertisement are our customers. Convince yourself and have a look at our references. We chose larger and minor as well as recent and past projects to give you a good insight into our work.



  • Tunneling (50t)
  • SKF (140t)
  • Salt Plant (15t)
  • Grab Cranes (25t)
  • Skyscraper construction (2,5t)
  • Transformer Maintenance (60t)
  • Coil handling (40t)
  • Submarines (120t)
  • Dockside Crane (125t)
  • Patented Gantry Crane (12t)
  • Bio mass power plant (25t)
  • Rotor blades (10t)
  • Special rail vehicles (5t)
  • Shipyard (32t)
  • Gearboxes (25t)
  • Machine construction (150t)
  • Steel mill (40t)
  • Power plant (120t)
  • Steel mill II (100t)
  • Hydraulics (5t)
  • Machine construction (10t)
  • Incinerator (13t)
  • Hydropower plant (125t)
  • Hamburg airport (3t)
  • Plant construction (10t)
  • Finished concrete parts (25t)


Explosion Proof

Supply of numerous Explosion Proof Crane ( Single Girder Overhead Crane Dubai/UAE ).. Read More

Over Head Crane

Supply of Overhead crane dubai/uae for Desalinization Plant Crane .. Read More

Turbine Building Crane

140T Turbine Overhead Crane dubai/uae supplied to DEWA with Air Conditioned..Read More

Gantry Crane

10T & 20T Gantry Crane installed for mantainence purposes. Read More

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