Customized Crane Dubai/UAE

We are proud to offer Kuhnezug custom overhead cranes, manufactured in Germany for over 50 years. Whether you need a top or under running bridge crane, a specialty jib crane, gantry crane, or even a portal crane, we will find the right product for you. Kuhnezug AG offers a number of industry exclusive and patented crane technologies. You might need a custom crane if any of the following applies to you:

  • Capacities up to 500,000 kg (550 ton)
  • Hoisting speeds up to 120 m/min (394 ft/min)
  • Duty cycle to fem 5m (cmaa class F, continuous severe service)height of lift up to 250 m (820ft)
  • Hazardous location rated available
  • Available for use in extreme environments (extreme cold, heat, dust, etc.)


Explosion Proof

Supply of numerous Explosion Proof Crane ( Single Girder Overhead Crane ).. Read More

Over Head Crane

Supply of Overhead crane for Desalinization Plant Crane .. Read More

Turbine Building Crane

140T Turbine Overhead Crane supplied to DEWA with Air Conditioned..Read More

Gantry Crane

10T & 20T Gantry Crane installed for mantainence purposes. Read More

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